• Brian Kemp speaks to local GOP members.

Georgians will have say-so in presidential election, says Kemp

“The South is going to be speaking on March 1.”

That’s how Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp sees it, as the time grows closer to Georgia’s presidential primary on the first day of March, 2016.

Candidates in both the Republican and Democratic parties will be on the ballot that day. And six other states will hold their primaries on the same day.

“It has been dubbed the SEC primary, because several of the states involved are part of the SEC football conference,” Kemp said, at a recent meeting of the White County Republican Party in Cleveland.

But the stakes are much higher than any football game.

Presidential candidates in both parties will be trying to win delegates to the national conventions next summer, so they can be the presidential nominee of their party.

Other states holding presidential primaries on March 1 are Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

Because of this multi-state primary day, Georgia “should be positioned so every Georgian who votes will have a say-so.”

That’s because the candidates cannot ignore Georgia this year, as in past years, because of the publicity and delegates at stake during one night of voting.

“You’re going to get to vote in a primary when your vote really matters,” Kemp said.

In past years, presidential candidates have all but skipped over Georgia, except for flying in and out after an Atlanta fundraiser, Kemp said.

“They weren’t learning about the issues important to us,” Kemp said. “Whether it’s refugees, the deepening of our port, how important our military bases are and the new cyber command base in Augusta, our ‘Right to Work’ state status, how agriculture is number one in our state and our fiscal conservatism.”

The first states to vote (on different days) in the 2016 presidential primary are Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Right after those are completed, it will be time for the March 1 multi-state vote.

“This has already begun to change how presidential candidates campaign in our state,” Kemp said.

“We are going to have a major candidate in Georgia in the next 30 days, and I expect we’ll see more and more candidates in the next few months,” Kemp said.

He continued: “There’s never been a more critical time  – who is going to lead us, who is going to be our nominee? Georgians will help shape that decision like never before this year.”

For more information on the Secretary of State’s office, go to Georgia.gov and under “most viewed agencies,” click on Georgia Secretary of State.

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