Lainie Johnson: Caring, compassionate, nurturing love

Our mom, Lainie Johnson, is not only the best mom ever, but also the best “Nanaw” ever, as her grandson River calls her. 

She shows her love for us in a myriad of ways, from deliciously healthy homemade meals, to words of love, encouragement, appreciation, advice and wisdom ... not counting the long hours worked as a seamstress, waitress and restaurant owner, so she could raise and support us. 

She has never failed to show us that her love is unconditional. She’s been beside us every step, guiding us through the good, which brings her much joy, and the bad. 

Our grandma, Ruth always said she couldn’t have handpicked a better daughter-in-law if she tried. That’s the same for us  – we couldn’t have handpicked a better mother if we tried. 


Nikhoma and John Johnson, 


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