Authorities rescue injured hiker on Mount Yonah

  • News update
    News update

Authorities rescued an injured female hiker on the top of Mount Yonah on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

White County firefighters, EMS and the Lee Arrendale Correctional Institute Fire Brigade responded to the report of the injured hiker around 3 p.m., according to a statement from White County Public Safety. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) personnel were requested to assist with rehab for responders.

To reach the hiker, the first team of firefighters and EMS personnel hiked about a half-mile from the ranger station to the top rock face. Rescuers found the hiker, who had an “obvious injury to the lower leg,” according to public safety officials. The hiker was placed onto a Stokes basket and taken down the mountain to a medical unit.

The hiker refused transport to the hospital after being evaluated by EMS, the statement said. There were no other injuries, and the call lasted about 2½ hours.