A home for history

On Helen’s Chattahoochee Strasse sits a building filled with history – both literally and figuratively. It’s the Helen Arts & Heritage Center (HAHC), the former city hall that now hosts a trove of items documenting the city’s heritage. HAHC history committee member David Greear said...

Grandaddy Mimm's secret recipe still has plenty of kick

Jack “Mimm” McClure might be surprised to stumble across a jar full of his secret recipe, out in the open at a bar, looking somewhat “artisanal” for “tastings,” with his name boldly emblazoned on the label. 

Wine of Wolf Mountain

“We started it back in ’99. I was 26,” Brannon Boegner said, describing the early moments of Wolf Mountain, the winery he and his father, Karl Boegner, have been raising on a steep Dahlonega slope for almost two decades.